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Rock used to be a right laugh. The trouble is the rock press have made it all so serious. Fifty per cent of rock is having a good time.

-- Roger Daltrey
Melody Maker Oct. 23, 1971

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The Kids are Alright
One day like today...
The High Numbers perform at the Waterfront Club at the Cliff Hotel in Woolston, Southampton, Hampshire.

The Who play at the Kinetic Playground in Chicago. The opening act is The Kinks. Pete dedicates The Who's show to them, helping a little to make up for the sting for this group that once had The High Numbers as their opening act but are now reduced to rebuilding a following in the U.S. after a four-year ban imposed by the American Federation of Musicians

A Melody Maker article entitled "Who's cheap singles plan dampened." In it, record executives call Pete's plan for marketing cheap maxi-singles unfeasible.

The Who play in Dusseldorf

Pete is interviewed in his Twickenham home for the BBC-TV programme Tonight. He declares stories of his smashing guitars to be "lies, all lies!" and describes himself as "a desperate old fart now; not boring though!" The interview is later used in the movie The Kids Are Alright.

The Who play at the Arizona State University in Tempe. John Cougar and Loverboy open.

The Who perform the first of two nights at the Royal Albert Hall in London featuring an all-star performance of Tommy.

The Who play in Chicago

The Who perform with acoustic instruments at the Bridge School benefit at Shoreline Auditorium in Mountain View, California. The Who perform earlier in the day so that Pete can take his son Joseph trick-or-treating for Halloween.

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