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Pete Townshend and The Who

(Interviews, Articles, Etc.)

'67 Hit Parader Article -- A brief, lightweight article on the Who, following their stint at the Murray the K shows, their first time playing in the U.S.

'67 Beat Instrumental Keith Moon Columns -- Beginning in August '67, Keith took over "The Tutor", a monthly column in this UK fanzine. (Previous guest columnists had included the likes of Jeff Beck, Jack Bruce, etc.). Among other things, Moonie talks about his new drums, the Who's first tour of the U.S., getting thrown through a plane glass window by two rednecks in the deep south, and what to expect from the Who shortly.

'68 Rolling Stone Interview -- Rolling Stone picked a very young Pete Townshend for their first full-length interview. Townshend discusses the meaning of rock and "Tommy", which the Who were working on at the time. An important, oft-quoted interview.

'69 Rolling Stone "Pete and Tommy, Among Others" Interview -- An excellent, full-lenth article/interview with Townshend that sheds much light on each of the songs of "Tommy".

'70 Rolling Stone "In Love With Meher Baba" -- written by a young Pete Townshend, this piece conveys the profound impact of Meher Baba upon his life.

'70-'71 Melody Maker "The Pete Townshend Pages" -- Townshend wrote these four columns, ostensibly about 'rock music', when he was but a wee lad.

'71 Crawdaddy "The Who Puts the Bomp" -- A huge multi-interview with all 4 members of The Who. Very good content from all 4 members, all talking primarily about Lifehouse. (Great Lifehouse insight from Pete)

'73 Sounds "The Bored Side of the Moon" -- a short article on Moon's non-Who activities during the touring lapse prior to the Quadrophenia recording sessions.

'74 Penthouse Interview with Pete Townshend-- a very good interview with Pete talking about Quadrophenia, Lifehouse, Meher Baba, and the profound effect a trip to India had on him.

'75 Hit Parader "The Spiritual Responsibility of Pete Townshend" interview -- A brief interview with Townshend, discussing Meher Baba, rock and roll, and spirituality.

'75 New Musical Express "The Punk as Godfather" Pete Townshend interview -- a key interview from 1975 that nearly split The Who. The dejection and depression of an embittered Townshend (catalysts behind The Who By Numbers) are glaringly apparent in this discussion of the state of 'rock' and the future of The Who.

'76 Creem "Nobody Can Die Until The Who Have Finished Playing" article -- Rock journalist Pam Brown catches up with the band during their 1976 tour; shudder as Roger Daltrey threatens the life of Lester Bangs!

'78 International Musician and Recording World Keith Moon Interview -- A good-sized interview with Moonie shortly before his death, discussing his drum setup.

'80 Rolling Stone Interview -- Townshend's other major Rolling Stone interview, this time with famed rock writer Greil Marcus, in which "Empty Glass" and the Cincinnati tragedy are highlighted.

'80 "A Conversation with Pete Townshend" Oui Interview -- Among other things, Pete talks about rock movies, Stanley Kubrick, Rock Against Racism, sex, and women in rock.

'83 Penthouse Interview with Pete Townshend -- The discussion is primarily about Pete's addictions and the Meg Patterson "black box" technique for kicking drugs, but there's also good discussion pertaining to Lifehouse and spirituality in general. Now you can honestly say that you "read the magazine for its articles".

'85 Who's Missing Liner Notes -- Pete's brief comments on the tracks.

'89 "Godhead Revisited: The Second Coming Of Pete Townshend" Guitar Player Interview -- an excellent, intelligent, and very lengthy interview with Pete discussing his gear setups over the years, his playing style, Jimi Hendrix, the meanings behind various songs, etc.

'90 "The Quest For Strange, Wild, Blissful Music" Sparks Article -- From the short-lived fanzine "Sparks: A Pete Townshend Journal", writer John Atkins (contributing editor of "Generations" magazine and contributor to the liner notes of the Who's Next reissue) gives in-depth analysis to Townshend's The Iron Man solo album.

'93 Psychoderelict Press Kit -- A brief synopsis of the storyline written by Townshend.

'94 Goldmine Roger Daltrey Interview -- A full-length interview with Rog, on all kinds of stuff.

'95 Tommy Reissue Liner Notes -- Richard Barnes' overview of Tommy's amazing journey.

'95 Guitar Player Article on Pete's Guitar-Playing -- A very good analysis of Pete's guitar-playing technique. (Unfortunately, the staff notations are not scanned in, but the article is still very informative).

'95 The History of Rock and Roll Interview -- From the PBS televised series on rock's history, Townshend discusses Hendrix, the Kinks, Cobain, and others.

'95 The New Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll -- An excellent, brief overview of the Who's career; includes album discographies of the band and each member's solo career.

'96 Addicted To Noise Interview -- Townshend discussing the '96 Quadrophenia tour, the latest incarnation of their second major 'rock opera'.

'96 Cleveland Live Interview -- Townshend talking to Ira Robbins about what it took to get the '96 Quadrophenia tour off the ground; working with Roger and John again; the tentative steps of his planned autobiography; the future of Lifehouse; and various other future projects.

'96 British Youth & Popular Culture Pete Townshend Interview -- Townshend discusses Mod, Pop Art, the concept of 'rock opera', Tommy-Quad-and-Lifehouse, and his own future on Broadway.

'96 Guitar World Interview with Shel Talmy -- The producer of early singles by numerous British Invasion bands, including the Kinks and the Who, discusses the studio equipment and recording techniques of these early sessions.

'96 Goldmine Interview with John Entwistle -- A lengthy interview with Mr. Thunderfingers.

'96 The Social History of Rock and Roll -- A chapter on the Who from Paul Friedlander's study of rock.

'96 Lifehouse: The One That Got Away -- Transcript of 1996 BBC Radio special.

'98 The Times (of London) Article by Emma Townshend -- On the eve of her own first record release, Pete's daughter reflects on her family's musical heritage.

'99 Lifehouse: An Interpretaton by Dave LeBoeuf -- A rather lengthy (25 pages) attempt by Dave LeBoeuf to "justify" a particular 31-song sequence for Lifehouse.

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