Aussie TV Appearances

Aussie TV Apperances

It seems unlikely that The Who ever appeared on Australian TV when here in 1968. I would very much like to hear from anyone with information to the contrary. Photos appearing in Chris Charlesworth's book "The Illustrated Biography" which are credited to Aussie TV are in fact from "Ready, Steady, Go!"

Known appearances on Aussie TV by individual members of the band include:

Keith Moon

Keith and John were interviewed by Norman Gunston (aka Garry MacDonald) at Charlton stadium in 1976. The interview was shown on the Norman Gunston Show and can be found today on a compilation video. Click here to see a transcript or here to hear the whole thing! (AU 620Kb). Love to hear from anyone with the original air date of this segment.

Now, for a limited time only, you can see it in the full glory of AVI: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

It is also likely that Keith appeared on TV when here in 1973 for Tommy.

John Entwistle

Friday September 10, 1993 - John was in town for the Australian International Music Show and appeared on the Steve Vizard show "Tonight Live". Unfortunately Mr Vizard was absent that night and John was left in the hands of his replacement, comedian Richard Stubbs. A very ordinary interview with the highlight being John playing "Won't Get Fooled Again" into one of the breaks.

Roger Daltrey

Thursday July 27, 1995 - In town promoting the ill-fated "Who's Coming" tour Roger appeared on a very entertaining Denton show. Highlight was a "My Generation" jam with Ray Manzarek, Chris Isaak, and Dick Dale.

Saturday July 29, 1995 - Yikes! Roger on "Hey, Hey It's Saturday". He was a guest judge on the Red Faces segment of the show and played "Pinball Wizard" with Simon Townshend and the house band.

???, 1995 - Roger interviewed about the "Who's Coming" tour by Richard Wilkins on the Today show. Played "Pinball Wizard" with Simon.

Information on any other appearances would be most welcome. In particular I would like to know if Keith appeared on TV when here for the stage production of Tommy in 1973

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