A Fortnight of Furore


A Fortnight of Furore

The Who and the Small Faces Down Under

68 pages, A4 Softback. Mutley Press UK8.99

A Fortnight of FuroreIn Australasia, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are looked upon as being at the forefront of English groups from the '60's Beat Boom.

However, The Who and The Small Faces conjure up perhaps the most vivid memories of outrageous behaviour, both on and offstage, from their one and only riotous two-week visit there in 1968.

Now, some 30 years later, this problem-plagued tour has been immortalised in a new book written by Andrew Neill, who has co-authored books on The Rolling Stones and The Who, and is a frequent contributor to the globally distributed Record Collector magazine.

"I've really set out to chronicle what happened on this rock tour to end all rock tours, because in most biographies, it tends to get scant mention via a throwaway line or two, but in Australia at the time, it really was a big deal!"

"These days, nobody bats an eyelid at what so-called rock stars get up to. It's almost considered passe if a T.V. set gets sent out of a hotel window, but The Who and The Small Faces were the first, and it happened in, of all places, New Zealand!"

"I was too young to see the concerts, but ever since, the whole tour has never ceased to fascinate me. Two of the most vibrant bands from the '60's Mod movement being flown, uncomfortably I might add, to the other side of the world for the kind of package tour which was already considered old hat in England, and encountering this violent culture shock - violent, both metaphorically and literally!"

"Australia, the nation, was up in arms at what these long-haired monsters were supposedly up to. So much so, that the then Prime Minister, Senator John Gorton, sent a telegram to Pete Townshend requesting The Who never set foot in Australia again. Townshend shot back a colourful reply, and to this day has kept his word and never returned!"

"A Fortnight of Furore" contains:

  • Exclusive interviews with key participants
  • Previously unpublished photos and memorabilia
  • A full reproduction of the rare, original tour programme
  • A complete Australia and New Zealand Who/Small Faces discography

    Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the tour, copies are now availiable in certain outlets in Australia - namely:

    Rocking Horse Records
    245 Albert Street, Brisbane
    PH: 61-3-229-5360

    Vicious Sloth Records
    1309 High Street, Malvern, Victoria
    Store Hours:
    Thursday 12-7, Friday 12-7, Saturday 10-2.
    Phone number: 61 3 9822 4992
    Fax number: 61 3 9824 8716

    Red Eye Records
    66 King Street, Sydney
    PH: 61-2-9299 4233

    and in New Zealand at
    Real Groovy Records
    438 Queen St, PO Box 91 285
    P. +64 9 306 2032
    F. +64 9 302 3958

    In addition, an updated 40th anniversary feature on the tour with some additional info, clippings and some great new photos will appear as a cover feature in the next issue of "UGLY THINGS" magazine which will be out approximately June-July time.
    Copies of the mag will be available direct from:

    PO Box 4121
    La Mesa, CA 91944
    email: uglythings@znet.com

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