The Aussie Boot Page

The Aussie Boot Page

A while ago now a South Australian company, Applehouse, exploited some loopholes in local copyright laws to release live CDs by a variety of well known artists. As luck would have it there were a few Who titles released. Pictures of the titles I have are below. An explanation of how it all came to pass as well as an assessment of each disc will be posted if and when I get the time to do so...

(Click the small images below for larger images & track listings)

The Who "My Generation" (On Stage CD-12012)
Amsterdam Opera House, 29 Sep '69. Not sure if this was a boot (from an Australian perspective that is) or not (it appeared in regular record shops), and it wasn't put out by Applehouse or any of its variants but I'm including it here as it came out shortly before the Applehouse releases.

The Who Live Vol.1 (Joker JOK-041-A)
A mix of stuff, the highlight being 13 tracks from Georgetown University, Washington DC, 2 Nov '69. Listen as Pete has some words with the audience....

The Who Live (SW-30)
Seems to be the Amsterdam concert from Sep 1969 as per CD12012 above.

The Best Of The Who (Eclipse EML-137)
EXACTLY the same disc as SW30

The Who Live (Mojo MOJO-058)
This is the same as "Accept No Substitute " (Fillmore East, NYC 22/10/1969) with the same 'not-quite-fast-enough' sound quality - (thanks to Wes Biggs for this info).

The Live Tommy - Live In Europe 1969 (Grapefruit GRA-043-A)
Appears to be another incarnation of the Amsterdam show.

CHER-022 (Chartbusters?) - "The Who - Greatest Hits Live"
Haven't seen this yet. Am looking to buy/trade for a copy of this


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