Tommy DVD Competition!

Tommy DVD slick

Tommy DVD Competition Winners!

Congratulations to the winners listed below - a copy of the new Tommy DVD will be sent to you shortly.

Adam Hogan, Tanya Edwards, David McCormick, Tony Lee, Scott Higgins, Susi Scougall, David Gordon, Steven Green, Pat Herley
Danni Herrero

The Answers!

  1. Tommy (the film) inspired which Bally pinball machine?
    Wizard! (or Captain Fantastic)
  2. Which other Ken Russell film had the tag line: "It out-Tommy's Tommy!"?
  3. Who played Tommy in the 1973 Australian stage production?
    Daryl Braithwaite
  4. The late 70's advertising campaign for which car borrowed from the song "Sensation"?
    Chrysler Scorpion (a number of people answered Sigma which I also accepted on the basis that a Scorpion is just a cool Sigma and perhaps my memory isn't 100%)
  5. Name two other DVD's available from Umbrella Entertainment.
    To many to list, suffice to say noone got this wrong!

Umbrella Entertainment

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