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"Greatest Hits of The Who"

1995 Tour Info

It was finally gonna happen! Roger and John were coming to Australia with what was being billed as the "Greatest Hits of The Who" tour. Unfortunately many in the media were referring to it as a tour by The Who which would not sit comfortably with most Who fans given the absence of Pete but hey, if it sold more tickets...

Roger and John were to be joined by Zak Starkey on drums and Simon Townshend on guitar but sadly ticket sales were poor, the promoting company went into liquidation, and the tour was cancelled.

Who's Coming? The schedule was to have been as follows:

Ticket prices were approx $57 for regular tickets and $117 for gold tickets plus booking fee. A gold ticket got you "preferred seating" and a "limited edition" t-shirt.

I had front row center godammit!

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