When Stars Were In Reach
The Who at Union Catholic High School - November 29, 1967

This book tells the true story of how a group of kids were able to book The Who to play their high school's gymnasium.
The show took place November 29, 1967. The author tells how the students dealt with the school's faculty, got into contact
with The Who's booking agent, promoted the show and distributed the tickets. Additionally, he tells the story from the
point of view of a group young Who fans excited to see The Who play locally.
There are about 15 photos of The Who playing and lounging backstage at the show.
Available in 3 editions: color, black & white, and Kindle. 

Year Author Size Pages Photos Publisher ISBN
2013 Michael Rosenbloom 6 x 9 in (15 x 23 cm) 294 every few pages JB Brumbam 9781482052633
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