Amazing Journey

    Amazing Journey

    Label / Index #
    Trystar TR 00 19/20

     Odeon Cinema, Newcastle, UK, Saturday, October 30, 1971
    Recording: Audience
    Comments: This is reported as a pretty good audience recording. From the descrip-
    tion in The Who Concert File book, this was an excellent show (p. 143). Unfortun-
    ately, this is not the complete set. One minor, yet noteworthy flaw: the CD's are re-
    versed. In other words, Disc one is actually disc two and disc two is disc one (even
    though they are properly matched 2-TR020 and 1-TR019. My biggest disappointment
    with it, besides not being the whole show, is that the 2 discs only total 79:16, which
    obviously means it could have fit on one 80 minute disc and could have been priced
    as a single disc show not a double. A little more creativtiy with the title of this CD
    wouldn't have hurt either.

       CD 1

     1.Can't Explain
     3.Summertime Blues
     4.My Wife
     5.Baba O'Riley
     7.Behind Blue Eyes
     8.Won't Get Fooled Again

       CD 2

     1.Magic Bus
     3.Amazing Journey
     5.Pinball Wizard
     6.See Me, Feel Me

Thanks to Matt W. for the information to this CD.