A Quick One / Who's Next

    A Quick One / Who's Next    A Quick One / Who's Next (Back Cover)   A Quick One / Who's Next (CD)

    Label / Index #

    Venue: Studio
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: This is yet another in a series of pirated CD's from Russia.
    This comes with a multipage fold out booklet and the disc design is quite
    nice as well. The sound quality is very good and there appear to be no diff-
    erences noted from the legitimate releases of these two LP's / CD's. Uncer-
    tain about the index # as there are too many numbers / symbols on the
    back cover to choose from. No markings on the disc itself.

      A Quick One

     1. Run Run Run
     2. Boris The Spider
     3. I Need You
     4. Whiskey Man
     5. Heatwave
     6. Cobwebs And Strange
     7. Don't Look Away
     8. See My Way
     9. So Sad About Us
    10. A Quick One, While He's Away

      Who's Next

    11. Baba O'Riley
    12. Bargain
    13. Love Ain't For Keeping
    14. My Wife
    15. The Song Is Over
    16. Getting In Tune
    17. Going Mobile
    18. Behind Blue Eyes
    19. Won't Get Fooled Again

Thanks to Derek Morton from the U.K. for the information to this CD.
Thanks to Grogo from Germany for the cover scans to this CD.