Berlin 1972

    Berlin 1972

    Label / Index #
    Fire Power FP-027

    Venue: Deutschland Halle, Berlin, West Germany, Wednesday, August 30, 1972
    Recording: Audience
    Comments: This is a revision of the original review. I've left the original reviewer's
    comments intact and have added mine below.

    The cover states soundboard, but this is an audience (stereo) recording. The sound
    quality, however, is quite a bit better than Rome Palasport (CD) (Fire Power FP-
    . The sound quality is similar to Flying To New York To Go To Court (CD)
    (Fire Power FP 016A, 016B)
    . Though The Who Concert File book makes no men-
    tion of Long Live Rock having been played at this show, it does appear on this CD.
    As there are no notable sound differences compared to the previous tracks on the
    CD, I"m presuming it was indeed played. The CD comes packaged quite nicely in a
    glossy gatefold cover. CD's and LP's from the 1972 tour are somewhat rare and this
    one is could possibly be worth the money.

    The sound quality isn't all that great at all and I don't see a significant difference be-
    tween this recording and that of Rome Palasport (CD) (Fire Power FP-029). There
    are several sound and tone fluctuations which tested my listening patience. Long
    Live Rock
    is indeed present on this CD and credited at 1 minute and 27 seconds
    but drops out at 1 minute and 12 seconds.

    CD 1

     1. Can't Explain
     2. Summertime Blues
     3. My Wife
     4. Baba O'Riley
     5. Behind Blue Eyes
     6. Bargain
     7. Won't Get Fooled Again

         CD 2

     1. Magic Bus
     2. Relay
     3. Pinball Wizard
     4. See Me, Feel Me
     5. My Generation
     6. Naked Eye
     7. Long Live Rock

Thanks to Stephan Eichhorn from Germany for the cover and (additional)
comments to this CD.