Boris The Spider

    Boris The Spider

    Label / Index #
    Killing Floor 98005/6

    Venue: Friederich Ebert Halle, Ludwigshafen, West Germany, Friday, November 7,

    Recording: Audience
    Comments: This is a surprisingly good sounding audience recording. The disc starts
    off a bit muddled with Can't Explain but by the time Drowned is played, the sound
    becomes quite good. The cover is a single laminated cardboard sleeve. Disc 1 is red,
    disc 2 is green, both state "Ludwig" at the top, 1 & 2, (respectively). Titles on the
    discs themselves are abbreviated. This was the second of two nights in Ludwigs-
    and the last date on the European leg of the tour before hitting the road for the
    North American leg of the tour.

        Disc 1

     1. I Can't Explain
     2. Substitute
     3. Squeeze Box
     4. Baba O'Riley
     5. Boris The Spider
     6. Drowned
     7. However Much I Booze
     8. Dreaming From The Waist
     9. Behind Blue Eyes

        Disc 2

     1. Amazing Journey - Sparks
     2. The Acid Queen
     3. Fiddle About
     4. Pinball Wizard
     5. I'm Free
     6. Tommy's Holiday Camp
     7. We're Not Gonna Take It
     8. See Me, Feel Me
     9. Summertime Blues
    10. My Generation
        - Join Together
        - Road Runner
        - My Generation
        - Naked Eye