Chicago 1971

    Chicago 1971

    Label / Index #
    Killing Floor KF 98007/8

    Love Ain't For Keeping (w. Pete Dialogue)

    The Auditorium Theater, Chicago, Illinois, USA, Wednesday, August 18, 1971
    Recording: Audience
    Comments: This is a complete show and includes a lot of banter between the band
    members of the audience that was included on the CD. The show sounds like it was
    a very good one, and the sound quality on this recording seems very good for what it
    is (you can hear all the instruments and vocals clearly on this one, unlike Rome
    (CD) (Fire Power FP-029). The recorder seems to change speeds at
    times on the second disk, but nothing major. PT introduces an 11:36 minute version
    of Baby Don't You Do It
    on CD 2 by asking the audience to join in to an incredible
    jam of this song - best I have heard of this song!  There is an "interruption" in See
    Me, Feel Me
    , but, oh well! This was the second of three consecutive nights at The
    Auditorium Theater in Chicago

        CD 1

     1. Summertime Blues
     2. My Wife
     3. Love Ain't For Keeping
     4. I Can't Explain
     5. Substitute
     6. Bargain
     7. Behind Blue Eyes
     8. Won't Get Fooled Again

        CD 2

     1. Baby Don't You Do It
     2. Pinball Wizard
     3. See Me, Feel Me
     4. My Generation
     5. Naked Eye
     6. Magic Bus

Thanks to Blake Aaron for the comments and cover to this CD.