Cobo Hall - Detroit 1972

    Cobo Hall-Detroit 1972

    Label / Index #
    Black Dog Records, BD 002

    Venue: Live
    Recording: Audience
    Comments: This is not live at Cobo Hall ! The Who did not tour the U.S in
    Everything on this CD is available on previously released legitimate or bootleg
    CD's /LP's. This is what is what is commonly referred to as a Pirate recording.

     1. Can't Explain
     2. Happy Jack
     3. Young Man Blues
     4. Join Together
     5. Roadrunner
     6. My Generation Blues
     7. My Wife
     8. Pinball Wizard
     9. See Me, Feel Me
    10. Baba O'Riley
    11. Summertime Blues
    12. Shakin' All Over
    13. Boris The Spider
    14. Magic Bus
    15. Substitute
    16. Won't Get Fooled Again
    17. Baby Don't Ya Do It (sic Baby Don't You Do It)