Electric Factory 1969

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    Compare with;
    Electric Factory 1969 (CD) (NightHawk NH-02013)
    Unreleased 1969 Show (CD) (Trystar TR0016/17/18)

    Venue: The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Sunday,
    October 19, 1969
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: There is really nothing to add in regarding this CD as compared to the
    Electric Factory 1969 (CD) (NightHawk NH-02013) contents. The only thing that
    could be mentioned is the artwork contained in the digipack with a nice sequence
    of old photos. This cd was produced by a little known Brasilian label. Compare with
    the CD's listed above.

    Heaven And Hell (partially)
     2. I Can't Explain
     3. Overture
     4. It's A Boy
     5. 1921
     6. Amazing Journe
     7. Sparks
     8. The Acid Queen
     9. Summertime Blues
    10. My Generation - My Generation Jam (incl. See Me Feel Me)

Thanks to Genero Alberto from Italy for the information & covers for this CD.