Electric Proms 2006 - Live At The Roundhouse

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    WLR - 2014

    Johnnie Walker Intro

    I Can't Explain

    We Got A Hit

    The Roundhouse, London, UK, Sunday, October 29 2006
    Recording: BBC Radio 2 Broadcast
    Comments: BBC's Electric Proms sees The Who's one-off at the London Round-
    house. Though the show date was October 29th, it didn't air on BBC Radio 2 until
    November 4, 2006. Apparently there is also a DVD of the show that either has been
    or will be released.

    "Johnnie Walker introduces The Who to a crowd that can barely believe they're about
    to witness one of the best live bands of the last forty years in the beautiful and in-
    timate surroundings of The Roundhouse. The band proved to rattle off hit after hit
    as well as performing in the world premiere of their brand new mini opera Wire &

    "Baba O' Riley" really get the crowd in the party mood while Zak Starkey performs
    brilliantly on a Keith Moon esque double drum kit.Daltrey spins himself and his mic
    around on a wondeful "Pinball Wizard" while Townshend proves he still cut the mus-
    tard with some fantastic guitar playing on "see me feel me"

    By the end it's clear this is more than just a gig. It's a musical extravaganza that
    provides a fitting finale to the inaugural BBC Electric Proms."

     1. I Can't Explain
     2. The Seeker
     3. Who Are You
     4. Fragments
     5. Sound Round
     6. Pick Up The Peace
     7. Endless Wire
     8. We Got A Hit
     9. They Make My Dream Come True
    10. Mirror Door
    11. Baba O'Riley
    12. Mike Post Theme
    13. Pinball Wizard
    14. Amazing Journey / Sparks
    15. See Me, Feel Me / Listening To Me (sic Listening To You)

Thanks to Patrick Toepoel from the Netherlands for the info and covers to this CD.