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    Label / Index #
    HW 64 / 73 (spine & CD 1)
    HW 68 / 73 (CD 2)

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    All WHO studio recordings - legitimate as well as bootleg releases.

    When I Was A Boy
    (This one will take a while to download - please be patient)

    Recording: Impeccable Soundboard
    Comments: W - O - W ! ! ! This is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous, if not
    THE most gorgeous WHO CD packages I've ever seen. I think the only release that
    was packed with this much info and killer tunes to "boot" was perhaps the Maximum
    R & B boxset. What can You expect for your money??? First of all, this set is limited
    to 1150 copies world-wide. 650 of which are available in the USA. It comes in A quad-
    ruple-gatefold-digi-pack featuring top-notch, sharp and crystal clear graphics on the
    inside - many of which are quite rare. Three booklets, two consisting of 14, one con-
    sisting of 16 pages - not including the front and back covers!!! (that means 28 and 32
    pages counting the front and back of each page) printed on quality paper stock. The
    booklets feature the band's history and stories behind many songs. The CD's are
    once again on pressed on gold discs (NOT CD-R's). The top of the discs are black
    with gold lettering  and neatly tucked into color graphic paper sleeves - very profess-
    ionally done by the folks at the Hiwatt label. (see the Amazing Journey CD). The
    look GREAT!!! This set is literally bursting with info and pics that will provide HOURS
    of enjoyment while listening to forty-nine (49!) excellent songs roughly spanning an 8
    year period of The Who's studio recording career featuring A & B sides from the U.K
    and U.S releases. I hope the folks at MCA, Atlantic, WB and Polydor see this review
    and RUN out to buy this one. This is the way a compilation should be done! Who
    flippin' cares whether it costs a little extra?! Fans want quantity and they want qualtiy
    and that's exactly what they're getting and paying for when they buy this GORGEOUS
    set. It appears that the record companies aren't able to satisfy a fan's hunger for
    GREAT music in a way that the bootleggers can. Why is that??? C'mon all of you
    big boys. C'mon all of you elves. Don't pretend to know what you're doing, 'cause
    you don't even know what's on your shelves (or its potential).

    Special Note:
    CD 2, Track 20 =
    Anyway, Anyhow, Anwhere
    Track 21 = I'm A Boy
    Track 22 = Magic Bus (this is NOT an extended version. It is the regular version)

      This Review contributed through the courtesy of a fellow WHO fan.

      I just picked up a copy of the brand new "Instant Party" and had
      a stiff neck from shaking my head in total awe...before I even
      played the thing! The package contains the most devastating
      array of rare WHO photos and picture sleeves, not to mention (3)
      incredibly rare and insightful articles (including the legendary
      UK Observer Sunday Supplement piece from 1965!!!), mega-rare
      sheet music and 6 (count 'em, six postcards. There are three
      booklets totalling 100 pages with a massive array of the afore-
      mentioned pics, articles, sheet music, the original Decca bio and
      an exact reproduction of the first WHO US tour program (not the
      first WHO US tour, they didn't sell one for that). The (2) disks
      come with their own dazzling picture sleeve and the disks are
      24k gold plated designed like the old MFSL ones. The color
      glossy four-panel gatefold slipcase has a unique color WHO pic
      on each panel and has barely enough room to hold all the con-
      tents!!!! After getting ahold of myself, I threw it in and the set
      sounds as good as advertised.....the (14) Talmy tracks hit like a
      jackhammer and are crystal clear and mind-numbing.....the re-
      mainder of the tracks are all the single mixes and b-sides that
      are just not around - Circles (WHO version) / Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
      (US version) / Dogs/Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (UK version)/Dogs Part 2 /
      When I Was A Boy / a real excellent
      quality version of "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere" - the alternate
      vocal version that was only available on a French EP. The fell-
      ow at the shop informed me that he was told these were "mast-
      ered from a digital copy of the non-eq'd or remixed multi-track
      masters......not Talmy's, of course, but original copies that were
      to be utilized in some fashion in Europe in 1967." The rest of the
      set also utilizes only the single mixes...not the album versions.
      Bottom line......this is a THE major homage to the band and was
      done by someone with an extreme knowledge of the first 10
      years of the group and also someone with a rather fantastic coll-
      ection of singles and rarely, if ever seen, photographs. Total of
      49 tracks are contained in the set. I have listed them below. The
      shop owner mentioned to me that there were only slightly more
      than 1000 of these made and that approximately half that num-
      ber are for the US. This one will not be around for long. Talmy
      Produced Tracks:: I Can't Explain/Bald Headed Woman / Anyway
      Anyhow Anywhere/Daddy Rolling Stone/ Anytime You Want Me /
      My Generation/Shout & Shimmy/A Legal Matter/Instant Party
      (Talmy version)/The Kids Are Alright/The Ox/La La La Lies / The
      Good's Gone/ Substitute. 45 mix versions: Circles (WHO version)
      /I'm A Boy / In The City / Happy Jack / I've Been Away / Pictures
      of Lily / Doctor Doctor / The Last Time / Under My Thumb / I Can
      See For Miles / Someone's Coming / MaryAnne With the Shaky
      Hand / Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (US version) / Dogs/Call Me Lightning /
      Magic Bus / Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (UK) / Pinball Wizard / Dogs Part
      2 / The Seeker / Here For More / Summertime Blues / Heaven &
      Hell / I Don't Even Know Myself / Let's See Action / When I Was A
      Boy / Join Together / Baby, Don't You Do It / Relay / Waspman /
      5:15 / Water. Bonus songs: I'm A Boy (ext version from MBB&B) /
      Magic Bus (ext version) Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (Alternate
      vocal French EP ) Booklet #1: -WHO's first US tour book - Sunday
      supplement of The Observer, Spring 1966, "The WHO - The Pre-
      diction Business," - Rare photos Booklet #2: - 1974 tour commem-
      orative magazine chronicling the first 10 years of the band - "The
      Who's Third Generation" by Martin Cerf & Greg Shaw. - 80 diff-
      erent picture sleeves from around the world -Exact copy of old
      Decca Biography, plus a half dozen repros of the rarest early
      WHO sheet music and trade ads. 32 pages..... Booklet #3: Nik
      Cohn article entitled "The Who's Generation." 28 pages....

        CD 1

     1. I Can't Explain
     2. Bald Headed Woman
     3. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
     4. Daddy Rolling Stone
     5. Anytime You Want Me
     6. My Generation
     7. Shout And Shimmy
     8. A Legal Matter
     9. Instant Party (Talmy Version)
    10.The Kids Are Alright
    11.The Ox
    12.La La La Lies
    13.The Good's Gone
    15.Circles (Who Version)
    16.I'm A Boy
    17.In The City
    18.Happy Jack
    19.I've Been Away
    20.Pictures Of Lily
    21.Doctor Doctor
    22.The Last Time
    23.Under My Thumb
    24.I Can See For Miles
    25.Someone's Coming
    26.MaryAnne With The Shaky Hand
    27.Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde (US Version)

        CD 2

     1. Dogs
     2. Call Me Lightning
     3. Magic Bus
     4. Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde (UK Version)
     5. Pinball Wizard
     6. Dogs Part 2
     7. The Seeker
     8. Here For More
     9. Summertime Blues
    10.Heaven And Hell
    11.I Don't Even Know Myself
    12.Let's See Action
    13.When I Was A Boy
    14.Join Together
    15.Baby, Don't Do It (sic Baby, Don't You Do It)
    20.I'm A Boy (long version from Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy)
    21.Magic Bus (long version from Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy)
    22.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (French EP. version with alt. vocals)