Johnny B.Goode

    Johnny B. Goode

    Label / Index #
    Heart Breaker HB 810 1/2

    Compare with;
    John's Birthday Party (CD) (Heart Breaker HB 810 1/2)

    Venue: Alameda County Stadium, Oakland, California, USA, Saturday, October 10,

    Recording: Audience
    Comments: This is an audience recording that's not quite up to par with the sound
    quality as on John's Birthday Party (CD) (Heart Breaker HB 810 1/2), played the
    day before (October 9th). This one contains a couple of major drop-outs throughout
    and my guess is that due to age the source tape seems to suffer from deteriation
    (when Pete dedicates "Shakin' All Over" to the Grateful Dead and their fans the
    sound seems to drop-out and warble all over the place. This happens in number of
    places) It's their typical set from '75 / ' 76, with the exception that they perform "My
    Wife" instead of "Boris the Spider". In my opinon this disc is for people who want to
    hear Shakin' All Over" and "Johnny B. Goode" as well as Pete talking about how nice
    it was to play with the "The Dead", other wise stick with "John's Birthday Party".
    One thing that's interesting is that after Keith's intro's the "Tommy" portion Pete calls
    it the "Punk version". Artwork includes period photographs of Keith, Roger and Pete.
    Inner cover has reproductions of the posters advertising this show.  Back cover has
    a long shot of the stage as The Who perform(note: photo is reversed making Pete &
    John play left-handed) Disc one is pink, disc two is yellow.

    CD 1

    1. Bill Graham's Introduction
     2. I Can't Explain
     3. Substitute
     4. My Wife
     5. Baba O'Riley
     6. Squeeze Box
     7. Behind Blue Eyes
     8. Dreaming From The Waist
     9. Magic Bus

        CD 2

     1. Keith Moon's MC
     2. Amazing Journey
     3. Sparks
     4. Acid Queen
     5. Fiddle About
     6. Pinball Wizard
     7. Tommy's Holiday Camp
     8. We're Not Gonna Take It
     9. See Me Feel Me
    10. Summer Blues
    11. My Generation
       - Join Together
       - Road Runner
       - My Generation
    12. Pete's MC
    13. Shakin' All Over - Spoonfull
    14. Johnny B. Goode (vocal Keith Moon)

Thanks to Brian Cantaldi for the information and comments to this CD.