ODDS & SODS / Face Dances

    ODDS & SODS / Face Dances    ODDS & SODS / Face Dances (Back Cover)   ODDS & SODS / Face Dances (CD)
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    Label / Index #
    (assumed to be AZI

    Venue: Studio
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: Based on the packaging and disc design, it is assumed this is another
    in a series of pirated CD’s from Russia. This comes with a multi-page fold out book-
    let and the disc design is quite nice as well. The sound quality is very good. The
    ODDS & SODS portion of this CD appears to be thrown together from the rematered
    version of the legitimate release.

      ODDS & SODS
     1. I’m The Face
     2. Leaving Here
     3. Baby Don’t You Do It
     4. Summertime Blues
     5. Under My Thumb
     6. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
     7. My Way
     8. Faith In Something Bigger
     9. Glow Girl
    10. Little Billy
    11. Yong Man Blues (sic Young Man Blues)

      Face Dances

    12. You Better You Bet
    13. Don’t Let Go The Coat
    14. Cache Cache
    15. The Quiet One
    16. Did You Steal My Money
    17. How Can You Do It Alone
    18. Daily Records
    19. You
    20. Another Tricky Day

Thanks to Derek Morton from the U.K. for the information to this CD.
Thanks to Grogo from Germany for the cover scans to this CD.