The Other Scoop

    The Other Scoop

    Label / Index #
    Scoop 1/2

    PT Home Studio Demos
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: Excellent double disc collection of various era PT demos cleverly en-
    titled The Other Scoop which is obviously intended to be a take-off of the legit PT
    releases titles Scoop and Another Scoop.

         CD 1

    My Generation
     2. It's Not True
     3. Don't Look Away
     4. Run, Run, Run
     5. That Motherland Feeling
     6. Dogs
     7. Overture
     8. It's A Boy
     9. 1929
    10. Amazing Journey
    11. The Acid Queen
    12. Welcome
    13. We're Not Gonna Take It
    14. Pure And Easy
    15. The Song Is Over
    16. Getting In Tune
    17. Going Mobile
    18. Won't Get Fooled Again

        CD 2

     1. Baba O'Riley
     2. The Real Me
     3. The Punk And The Godfather
     4. Cut My Hair
     5. I've Had Enough
     6. Gonna Fight To Make You Mine
     7. Slip Kid
     8. Instrumental
     9. Keep Me Turning
    10. Love Is Coming Down
    11. Who Are You
    12. I Like It The Way It Is
    13. Love Is Mine
    14. Empty Glass
    15. How Can You Do It Alone
    16. What Is Love
    17. I Believe My Own Eyes

Thanks to Focco Bijlsma from the the Netherlands for info and covers to this CD.