Pontiac Silverdome 1975

    Pontiac Silverdome 1975   Pontiac Silverdome 1975 (Inside)
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    Label / Index #
    Outrider OR-9925

    Venue: Metropolitan Stadium (The Silverdome) Pontiac, Michigan, USA, Saturday,
    December 6, 1975

    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: This is an excellent show of which bits and pieces have long been avail-
    able on video and now finally on CD as well brought to us from the Outrider label.
    This is a limited numbered edition of 300 discs. The CD comes packaged with a 12
    page color booklet
    with photos from the show inside a single laminate sleeve. The
    sound is better than the video and leaves little to be desired considering its age.
    For fans of PT's guitar jams on such tracks as My Generation, Join Together and
    into Roadrunner, it's really quite nice to finally have these on a “professionally" done

     "Recorded on videotape from the closed-circuit back-projection with stereo
    sound, concert footage of the Roadrunnner jam at the end of 'My
    from this show was used by Jeff Stein for The Kids Are Alright but the con-
    cert now
    appears to missing from the Who's archives." (The Who Concert File,
    p. 171
    ) A performance such as this should not be kept in a vault or closet, it should
    be played - often and loud! I like this one right up there with Toronto 75.

    As the supply of limited edition numbered CD's has been exhausted, reissues of
    this CD are still available on the Outrider label (gold disc with original CD artwork -
    NOT a CD-R) but do not include the limited edition gold sticker on the cover nor do
    the 12 page booklet.

     1. Pinball Wizard
     2. I'm Free
     3. Tommy's Holiday Camp
     4. We're Not Gonna Take It
     5. See Me, Feel Me
     6. Summertime Blues
     7. My Generation
     8. Join Together
     9. Roadrunner
    10. My Generation Blues (including Blues Interlude = Join Together / Roadrunner
    11. Won't Get Fooled Again