The Who And Friends Roar In!

    The Who And Friends Roar In! (Cover)   The Who And Friends Roar In! (Back)
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    Label / Index #
    Masterport 244

    Venue: Wembley Stadium, London, UK, August 18 7, 1979
    Recording: Audience + Amateur Film
    Comments: NEW GREAT 3 CD + 1 DVD boot. This is a really interesting new re-
    lease on the Masterport label which documents the return of The Who post Keith
    Moon in a great show - here supported by other (old & new) artists such as AC/DC
    The Stranglers, Nils Lofgren. I greatly appreciated these first shows of 79 since
    they recall their wonderful return on the European scene (excluding the Rainbow
    premier) and the Frejus shows. I was fortunate enough to personally attended these
    shows and they remain the best post Moon shows I’ve ever seen. While listening
    and watching the Wembley show, I must say they show the same power and enthu-
    siasm as three months earlier, with a great response from the audience. The only
    thing lacking is probably the inadequate amplification to satisfy over 70,000 pairs of
    ears! In fact, while listening to this audience recording one can notice that the sound
    is too low. Very nice the amateur footage on the DVD though, which also includes
    footage of the supports groups. Featured also at the end of The Who’s set, is a back-
    stage interview with PT. At the end the film, you see also John Entwistle. The art-
    work is remarkable with nice photos, and one leaflet containing Pete's interview. A
    Really wonderful item in limited numbered edition.

        CD 1


     1. Live Wire
     2. Shot Down In Flame (sic Shot Down In Flames)
     3. Walk All Over You
     4. Bad Boy Boogie
     5. The Jack
     6. Highway To Hell
     7. Whole Lotta Rosie
     8. Rocker

        CD 2

       The Who

     1. Substitute
     2. I Can’t Explain
     3. Baba O’Riley
     4. The Punk And The Godfather
     5. Behind Blue Eyes
     6. Boris The Spider
     7. Sister Disco
     8. Drowned
     9. Music Must Change
    10. Magic Bus
    11. Pinball Wizard
    12. See Me, Feel Me

        CD 3

     1. Trick Of The Light
     2. 5:15
     3. Long Live Rock
     4. Who Are You
     5. My Generation
     6. Dreaming From The Waist
     7. Won’t Get Fooled Again
     8. Summertime Blues
     9. The Real Me

        Bonus DVD

     1. Nils Lofgren
     2. AC/DC
     3. The Stranglers

        The Who

     4. Intro
     5. Substitute
     6. I Can’t Explain
     7. Baba O’Riley
     8. Boris The Spider
     9. Magic Bus
    10. Pinball Wizard
    11. See Me, Feel Me
    12. Pete Townshend Interview

Thank you to Genero Alberto from Italy for the information and cover to this CD.