Sacramento Blues

     Sacramento Blues   Sacramento Blues (Back Cover)
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    Smokin Pig

    AutoWest Amphitheatre, California, USA, Monday, July 4, 2002
    Recording: Audience
    Comments: Third show after John Entwistle’s passing. This is reported to have very
    good sound quality and there is also an EXCELLENT DVD / video of this show.

        CD 1

     1. I Can't Explain
     2. Substitute
     3. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
     4. Who Are You
     5. Another Tricky Day
     6. Relay
     7. Bargain
     8. Baba O’Riley
     9. Eminence Front
    10. Sea And Sand
    11. 5:15
    12. Love Reign Over Me (sic Love Reign O’er Me)
        CD 2

     1. Behind Blue Eyes
     2. You Better You Bet
     3. The Kids Are Alright
     4. My Generation
     5. Won’t Get Fooled Again
     6. Pinball Wizard
     7. Amazing Journey
     8. Sparks
     9. See Me Feel Me

Thanks to Focco Bijlsma from the Netherlands for the info and cover for this CD.