Secret Show 1974

    Secret Show 1974
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    Zeus Z 20102901/2

    Bell Boy (Keith Moon Dialogue)

    Venue: Guild Hall, Portsmouth, UK, Wednesday, May 22, 1974
    Recording: Audience
    Comments: Not a great sounding show, though not horrible either. Some distortion.
    The Who Concert File book states as follows: "The Who played a special "thank
    " concert for the extras who worked on the Tommy movie. It was a "closed con-
    cert" and by all accounts the relaxed atmosphere inspired the band to play as well
    as thy ever had. The geneal  public weren't admitted, though as "sold out" notice
    appeared in Melody Maker on May 11, 1974. During Bell Boy, the band got so out
    of time with the synthesiser backing that Pete ordered everyone to stop, had Bob
    Pridden rewind the tape, and the song was begun again. This was probably the
    worst experience the band had with the difficult Quadrophenia backing tapes but,
    since the show wasn't before a paying audience, it didn't seem to matter so much.
    The band started again in good humour, and Bob Pridden probably breathed a sigh
    of relief!" (p.164)

    CD 1

    1. I Can't Explain
    2. Summertime Blues
    3. Young Man Blues
    4. Baba O'Riley
    5. Behind Blue Eyes
    6. Substitute
    7. I'm A Boy
    8. Tatto
    10.Boris The Spider
    12.Bell Boy

         CD 2

    1. Dr. Jimmy, Mr. Jim (sic Dr. Jimmy)
    2. Won't Get Fooled Again
    3. Pinball Wizard
    4. See Me, Feel Me
    5. 5:15
    6. Magic Bus
    7. My Generation
    8. Naked Eye
    9. Feel So Fine
    10.Eye Shot To The Blind (sic Eyesight To The Blind)
    11.Let's See Action

Thanks to Focco Bijlsma from the Netherlands for the info and covers to this CD.