The Who Sell Out (Mono)

    The Who Sell Out    The Who Sell Out  (Back Cover)  The Who Sell Out  (Back Cover)
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    Label / Index #;
    Track Records 612 002 Mono

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    The Collector’s Who Sell Out (CD) (Five Dolar)
    Pop Goes Art (CD) (Hiwatt GPS 26833038 A/B)
    The Who Sell Out (CD) (Track Records 612 002 Mono)
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    The Who: Sell Out - Mono Edition (CD) (Polyboy WHO 67)

    Venue: Studio
    Source: Sound-board
    Comments: Another version of Sell Out (mono). The card / sleeve is exactly as the
    LP. No label identified on the disc but the cover says "Track Record". Both cover
    and disc list 612 002 as the catalog number. This title has 14 tracks at 39:35, the
    difference being the Track run-off groove continues for several seconds before end-
    ing. Compare with the titles listed above.

    Thanks to Kevin B. for the information and cover to this CD.

    Armenia City In The Sky
     2. Heinz Baked Beans
     3. Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand
     4. Odorono
     5. Tattoo
     6. Our Love Was
     7. I Can See For Miles
     8. I Can’t Reach You
     9. Medac
    10. Relax
    11. Silas Stingy
    12. Sunrise
    13. Rael
    14. Track run-off groove