Sings My Generation / Sell Out

    Sings My Generation / Sell Out    Sings My Generation / Sell Out (Back Cover)   Sings My Generation / Sell Out (CD)
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    Label / Index #

    Venue: Studio
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: This is yet another in a series of pirated CD’s from Russia. This comes
    with a multi-page fold out booklet and the disc design is quite nice as well. The
    sound quality is very good and there appear to be no differences noted from the
    legitimate releases of these two LP’s / CD’s. Uncertain about the index # as there
    are too many numbers / symbols to choose from.

      Sings My Generation

     1. Out In The Street
     2. I Don’t Mind
     3. The Good’s Gone
     4. La La La Lies
     5. Much Too Much
     6. My Generation
     7. The Kids Are Alright
     8. Please, Please, Please
     9. It’s Not True
    10. The Ox
    11. A Legal Matter
    12. Instant Party (Circles)

      Sell Out

    13. Armenia City In The Sky
    14. Heinz Baked Beans
    15. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
    16. Odorono
    17. Tattoo
    18. Our Love Was
    19. I Can See For Miles
    20. I Can’t Reach You
    21. Medac
    22. Relax
    23. Silas Stingy
    24. Sunrise

      Bonus Track

    25. Rael

Thanks to Derek Morton from the U.K. for the information to this CD.
Thanks to Grogo from Germany for the cover scans to this CD.