Swedish Meatballs

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    Label / Index #
    Hyacinth 126

    Compare with;
    Live At Fillmore East, 1968 (CD) (Living Legend LLRCD 010)
    Who Are The High Numbers? (CD) (Hiwatt Records)

    Venue: Various live recordings 1964-1966
    Audience (?)
    Comments: Interesting new release of early live WHO material. Tracks 1 thru 7 are
    listed as” live in Sweden circa 1964”. By the set list, however, it seems this is not
    possible. When compared with the boot Who Are The High Numbers It appears to
    share the same track list and sound quality. Tracks 1-7 are then most likely from
    The Club Nalen in Stockholm, Sweden, October 25, 1966. Tracks 8-15 are from the
    Marquee sometime in April 1964. Tracks 16-23 are from Grona Lund in Stockholm
    and 24 is from the Marquee 3/11/67. The Sweden shows are audience recordings of
    mediocre quality but are nice for their historic value. The Marquee show is some of
    the soundboard stuff that's been released in many forms. Compare with the items
    listed above.

     1. Dancing In The Street
     2. Barbara Ann
     3. So Sad About Us
     4. Subsitute
     5. The Kids Are Alright
     6. I’m A Boy
     7. My Generation
     8. Dance To Keep From Crying
     9. Young Man Blue
    10. Long Tall Shorty
    11. Pretty Thing
    12. Here Tis (sic Here ‘Tis)
    13. I’m A Man
    14. Pete Meaden’s Blues
    15. Smokestack Lightning
    16. Heatwave
    17. Dancing In The Street
    18. Barbara Ann
    19. Daddy Rolling Stone
    20. Uptight
    21. A Legal Matter
    22. Substitute
    23. My Generation
    24. My Generation

Thanks to Greg Seaton for the information and covers to this CD.