Who Are You / By Numbers

    Who Are You / By Numbers   Who Are You / By Numbers
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    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: What some individual appeared to have done was take the remixed
    (original track list) of the 2 albums and throw them on one CD, while creating unique
    artwork for the cover and copying parts of the liner notes for the remixes inside. No
    real label - apparently made in Russia (see; Tommy (CD) (AZIя / Azcd 797). So,
    since the official record companies had nothing to do with them, and they were
    done by an "independant", they are bootlegs. But since they are merely copies of
    official CDs, they are then further classified as "pirates" or "counterfeits".

     1. Slip Kid
     2. However Much I Booze
     3. Squeeze Box
     4. Dreaming From The Waist
     5. Imagine A Man
     6. Success Story
     7. They’re All In Love
     8. Blue, Red And Grey
     9. How Many Friends
    10. In A Hand Or A Face
    11. New Song
    12. 905
    13. Had Enough
    14. Sister Disco
    15. Music Must Change
    16. Trick Of The Light
    17. Guitar And Pen
    18. Love Is Coming Down
    19. Who Are You