The Who Live

    Who Were Those Masked Men?

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    Venue: Various Live
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: Tracks 1-12: Fillmore East, New York New York, USA, 4/5/68 Soundboard
    13-15: Beat Club, Bremen, W. Germany, 1967 Soundboard
    16-17: Marquee Club, London, UK, 1967 Soundboard

    This one is often listed on other boot pages as Who Are Those Masked Men? As you
    can see, this one is titled Who Were Those Masked Men?

     1. Summertime Blues
     2. Fortune Teller
     3. Tattoo
     4. Little Billy
     5. I Can't Explain
     6. Happy Jack
     7. Relax
     8. A Quick One
     9. Easy Going Guy (sic My Way)
    10. Shakin' All Over
    11. Boris the Spider
    12. My Generation
    13. 'm A Boy
    14. Heatwave
    15. Happy Jack
    16. So Sad About Us
    17. My Generation