Pete Townshend: I Am Happy Birthday With Love

    I Am Happy Birthday With Love   I Am Happy Birthday With Love (Back Cover)

    Label / Index #
    Trystar / Brilliant Road BRD002

    Compare with;
    Pete Townshend: I Am, Happy Birthday, With Love (CD) (Trystar / Brilliant
    Road BRD002)

    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: It is presumed this CD is identical to the one listed above as it also on
    the Trystar label. I've included the majority of comments from the CD listed above

    This is a Double CD set of the 3 privately issued PT Meher Baba LP's
    released through the Meher Baba (Oceanic) Association LTD. in the early 1970's.
    The original LP's were reissued sometime in the late 70's / early 80's with the original covers and tracks but without all of the original inserts that came with some of the
    LP's. It appears these discs are identical copies of these hard-to-find LP's and now
    hopefully available to a wider audience. Though PT does not play or sing on all of the
    tracks, these are still considered to be very collectable not only because of their
    scarcity, but also because of the uniqueness of the LP's. Though some tracks have
    subsequently been released on PT's Scoop LP's and various PT bootleg's, several
    have not. One of which is a really beautiful PT song that has not been available on|
    any other releases (to the best of my know ledge) entitled Day Of Silence, in which
    Pete pays tribute to the Sufi practice of observing a "day of silence" in which one is
    encouraged to "listen to the wireless". On the "With Love" CD, it appears to have
    ommitted "Hail Avatar Meher Baba", a short prayer / chant recorded at the 1972
    Amartithi Celebration, Last Quawali Group. Content, Evolution, Meditation(?) and
    The Seeker(?)are contained on PT's 1972 solo LP Who Came First. Begin The
    Beguine was included on PT's Another Scoop. Baba O'Riley has been included on
    several LP and CD bootlegs. O'Parvardigar is contained on PT's first solo LP Who
    Came First as well as the PT bootleg CD Odds 'N' Sods Vol II, though sung in Ger-
    man but of poor sound quality. Compare with the CD listed above.

        CD 1
     1. Content (Poem by Maud Kennedy, sung by Pete Townshend)
     2. Evolution (Words and music Ronnie Lane)
     3. Day Of Silence (Words and music Pete Townshend)
     4. Allan Cohen Speaks #1 (Allen Cohen Speaks)
     5. Mary Jane (Words: Michael Westlake, music: Pete Townshend)
     6. Allan Cohen Speaks #2 (Allen Cohen Speaks)
     7. The Seeker (Words and music Pete Townshend)
     8. Begin the Begin (sic Begin The Beguine) (By Cole Porter, sung by Pete Townshend)
     9. With A Smile Up His Nose They Entered (Composed specially for album by Ron
    10. The Love Man (sic The Loved Man) (Words and music Pete Townshend)
    11. Meditation (Poem By Mike Da Costa)
    12. Forever No Time At All (sic Forever's No Time At All)
    13. How To Transcend Duality and Infruence People (sic How To Transcend Duality
       And Influence People)
    14. Affirmation

        CD 2

     1. Baba O'Reily (sic Baba O'Riley) (9:48 minute version)
     2. This Song Is Green
     3. Everwhere I Look This Morning (sic Everywhere I Look This Morning)
     4. Dragon
     5. Parvardigar (sic O'Parvardigar)
     7. Give It Up (Billy Nicholls / Steve Humphries) (sic Billy Nichols)
     8. Without Your
       Love (Billy Nicholls) (sic Billy Nichols)
     9. His Hands (Pete Townshend)
    10. Just For A Moment (Ronnie Lane) (with Ron Wood and Bruce Rowland)
    11. Baba Blues (Lol Benbow)
    12. Meher (Paul Wyld) (with Pete Townshend, Greg Shaehan, Gus Fenwick, Rob
    13. Contact (Peter Hope Evans) (Medicine Head)
    14. Gotta Know Ya (Billy Nicholls / Steve Humphries) (sic Billy Nichols) (with
       Sammy Mitchell and George Butler)
    15. Sleeping Dog (Pete Townshend)
    16. All God's Mornings (Sydney Foxx)
    17. Lantern Cabin (Pete Townshend)

Thanks to Kevin B. for the information and cover scans for this CD.