Pete Townshend: ODDS 'N' SODS VOL. II

    Pete Townshend: ODDS N SODS VOL. II

    Label / Index #
    Outrider OR9802005

    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: The folks at the Outrider label have done a nice job with the packaging
    of this disc. The cover is a single sleeve laminate, the disc is silver / black in color
    with the titles shortened on the disc. The sound is quite poor on the first and last
    tracks and track 25 cuts off abruptly, though PT deserves credit for singing O'Par-
    vardigar in German
    . Tracks 2-7 on this disc appear to be experimental in nature.
    Some interesting and noteworthy tunes appear here. First, there's a collaboration
    between PT and Speed Keene (Thunderclap Newman) on "Electronic / Piledriver"
    (mentioned to be part of the very rare "Double Pisces" soundtrack) The "Instrumental"
    is a short guitar piece from
    "I don't Even Know Myself". "Acoustic" is actually the in-
    tro to "1921 / What About The Boy" "Dogs" is a wonderful PT only demo that KM
    ended up singing. The "Tommy" tracks are identical to The Tommy Demos / Alter-
    nate Tommy
    . I wonder who's narrating this disc?

     1. Day Of Silence No. 2
     2. Lone Ranger Street Music Reduction
     3. Bedroom Music
     4. Bedroom Music 2 (Take 1)
     5. Bedroom Music 3 (Take 1)
     6. Bedroom Music 4
     7. Lone Ranger Street Music Reduction (Take 1)
     8. Pete Townshend Guitar Piece (Not Listed On Disc)
     9. She's A Sensation
    10. Swimming Pool Sequence
    11. My Brother & I (Frankenstein Sequence)
    12. Electronic
    13. Piledriver
    14. Instrumental
    15. Acid Queen
    16. Underture
    17. Do Ya Think It's Alright (sic Do You Think It's Alright)
    18. Fiddle About
    19. Overture
    20. It's A Boy
    21 Acoustic
    22. 1921
    23. Dogs
    24. Going Mobile
    25. Shariteen Gibson (sic Sheraton Gibson)
    26. Oh Par Var Dgar (Sung In German) (sic Parvardigar)