Roger Daltrey & Guests Singing Townshend

    Roger Daltrey & Guests Singing Townshend

    Label / Index #
    50 HB CD 9450-1/2

    Carnegie Hall, New York, USA, February 26, 1994
    Excellent soundboard
    Comments: The Whole Carnegie Hall Show 26 February 1994. I believe this is the
    show for RD's 50th birthday and was broadcast over Pay Per View TV. It included a
    massive orchestra but was nicely done. I Can See For Miles is a really nicely done
    bluesy rendition. This features guest artists playing along with the orchestra and RD.
    JAE and PT are not playing on all songs.
    There is a great video boot of this show
    available as well.

    Disc One

     1. Overture
     2. You Better You Bet
     3. I Can See For Miles
     4. I Can't Explain
     5. Substitute
     6. 5:15
     7. You Will See The Air (sic) Imagine A Man
     8. I'm A Boy
     9. Dr. Jimmy
    10. The Song Is Over
    11. Can't Do A Thing About It (sic) Now And Then
    12. Baba O'Riley

        Disc Two

     1. After The Fire
     2. Amazing Journey
     3. Pinball Wizard
     4. The Acid Queen
     5. I'm Free
     6. The Sea Refuses No River
     7. The Real Me
     8. Behind Blue Eyes
     9. And I Moved
    10. Who Are You
    11. Won't Get Fooled Again
    12. Join Together

Thank you to Owen Gwilliam for the cover scan to this CD.