For Pete’s Sake

    The First Complete Rock Opera

    Label / Index #
    MOON RECORDS 9-7-78

    Compare with;
    Jai' Baba For Pete's Sake (LP) (MOON RECORDS 9-7-78)
    Jai' Baba For Pete's Sake (LP) (MOON RECORDS 9-7-78)

    Venue: Studio & Live
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: These are studio outtakes with the exception of Tracks 3-5 which are
    from University Refectory, Leeds, UK, Saturday,
    February 14, 1970. This is iden-
    tical to the titles listed above.

        Side 1

     1. Early Morning Cold Taxi
     2. Can't Tell A Note From A Symphony
     3. Can't Explain
     4. Happy Jack
     5. I'm A Boy
     6. Don't Pretend You Know Me (sic I Don't Even Know Myself)

        Side 2

     1. That Glittering Girl (sic Glittering Girl)
     2. Don't Look Away
     3. Run, Run, Run
     4. To Kill My Appetite
     5. Do The Strip

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