Furious Prelude

    Furious Prelude

    Label / Index #
    WPCOM 0888B008-1

    Compare with;
    Furious Prelude (CD) (WPOCM 0888B008-1)

    Venue: Fillmore East, New York, USA  Friday, April 5, 1968
    Excellent Soundboard
    Comments: This is a very nice LP featuring a familiar European style laminated
    cover identical to the CD listed above. This was also a "legitimate" release in Ger-
    many in the late 1980's for a short while that fell under the copyright loop-hole. This
    version of the famed Fillmore East shows from this date omits A Quick One but in-
    cludes Summertime Blues and My Generation. Interesting to hear how PT developed
    his signature jams on these two stage favorites. PT also describes his ordeal with
    lodgings and having to stay at a friend's home before going in to My Generation.
    Compare with Furious Prelude (CD) (WPOCM 0888B008-1) listed above and other
    Fillmore East shows.

        Side 1

     1. Summertime Blues
     2. Fortune Teller
     3. Tattoo
     4. Little Billy
     5. Can't Explain
     6. Happy Jack
     7. Boris The Spider

        Side 2

     1. Relax
     2. My Generation
     3. Shakin' All Over

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