Knock Knock Who’s There?

    Knock Knock Who's There?   Knock Knock Who's There? (Back Cover)

    Label / Index #
    Terrific Tunes TT01

    Venue: Studio
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: This LP comes in a plain white cardboard sleeve with a green paper
    insert for the front cover as well as a smaller green paper rear insert with song titles.
    See the insert pic for detailed track listings. This is advertised as "Limited Edition
    100 of 500
    ". If anyone reads this effective January 30, 2007, please remind me to
    scan upload the cover so there’s a decent pic.

        Side 1

     1. I'm The Face
     2. Zoot Suit
     3. Bald Headed Woman
     4. Daddy Rolling Stone
     5. Anytime You Want Me
     6. Shout And Shimmy
     7. I'm A Man
     8. Waltz For A Pig

        Side 2

     1. Batman
     2. Bucket 'T'
     3. Barbara Ann
     4. Disguises
     5. Circles
     6. I'm A Boy
     7. In The City
     8. I've Been Away
     9. Heat Wave

Thanks to "Silas Stingy" for the cover to this LP.
Thanks to Kevin B. for the back cover insert / track listing.


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