Long Live Rock (American Tour 79)

    Long Live Rock (American Tour 79)

    Label / Index #

    Compare with;
    79 Tour Gonna Rape You!! (LP) (VINYL DREAMS WH 803002)

    Source: Audience
    Comments: This is a double LP which features a very nice color cover. The back is
    also in color and features a pic of PT with the his black Schecter Telecaster. The
    titles are listed in white but out of order in which band play them live. The labels are
    plain white and each one has the respective side listed in inked long-hand rather than
    the number itself. The quality here is pretty good. Compare the tracks on this LP
    with the title listed above.

        Side 1

     1. Bargain
     2. Pinball Wizard
     3. See Me, Feel Me
     4. Long Live Rock

        Side 2

     1. Who Are You
     2. My Generation
     3. Join Together
     4. My Generation 2
     5. Magic Bus

         Side 3

     1. Substitute
     2. I Can't Explain
     3. Baba O'Riley
     4. The Punk Meets The Godfather
     5. Boris The Spider

        Side 4

     1. Sister Disco
     2. Behind Blue Eyes
     3. Music Must Change
     4. Dreaming From The Waist

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