Maximum R&B

    Maximum R&B

    Label / Index #

    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: Great packaging of this double LP. It features a “deluxe” color cover. the
    center hole label is silver with a "Reaction" logo and album title on it. The songs are
    listed on the label as well. It also came with a one-sided paper insert with the album
    title on it with an explanation of the origin of the songs contained on the LP and is
    signed "Silas Stingy, M.B.E." This could really pass for a "legit" release, that's how
    good the packaging is. The back cover has the famed WHO logo in color with the
    "target" motif" and states; "None Of The 33 Tracks Contained Herein Have Been Pre-
    viously Presented In An American Album. They Are All Studio Recordings."

        Side 1

     1. I'm The Face
     2. Zoot Suit
     3. Here 'Tis
     4. Bald Headed Woman
     5. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
     6. Shout And Shimmy
     7. I'm A Man

        Side 2

     1. Heat Wave
     2. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hands
     3. Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
     4. Dogs
     5. Dogs, Part 2
     6. Our Love Was, Is
     7. Eyesight To The Blind

        Side 3

     1. The Kids Are Alright
     2. Substitute
     3. I'm A Boy
     4. In The City
     5. Barbara Ann
     6. Batman
     7. Circles
     8. I've Been Away
     9. The Last Time
    10. Under My Thumb

        Side 4

     1. Young Man Blues
     2. Glittering Girl
     3. Summertime
     4. Early Morning Cold Taxi
     5. Jaguar
     6. Girl's Eyes
     7. My Way

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