Nature Of The Beast

    Nature Of The Beast

    Label / Index #;
    Right On Records (ROR Las Vegas, NV)
    Side A: R 198 (P 215)
    Side B: R 198 (P 216)

    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: "Who Are You" demos mixed with some older material. Features a
    strange cover and early 70's pic of JAE, KM, RD & PT on the back cover.

        Side 1

     1. Sister Disco
     2. Like It The Way It Is
     3. Who Are You
     4. Love Is Coming Down
     5. That Motherland Feeling / Rael

        Side 2

     1. That Motherland Feeling / Rael (continued)
     2. I Don't Even Know Myself
     3. I'm A Boy
     4. Tape Experiment
     5. Interview
     6. Piledriver

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