Tales From The Who

    Tales From The Who

    Label / Index #
    TMOQ 62002

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    Venue: The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Tuesday, December 4, 1973
    Source: Soundboard or possibly audience
    Comments: This show has appeared on the market under several different titles (see
    above). Taken from the U.S. FM radio broadcast of the King Biscuit Flower Hour,
    this LP is the one that started it all. A rumor has been circulating since at least
    summer 1998 that this may be one of a series of live Who concerts slated for legit-
    imate release. Thus far, it remains a rumor
    . Great cover by William Stout who has
    done a number of covers for Who bootlegs. Note the bottom of the left side of the
    on this LP cover. It has a black line at the bottom only. This may lead one to
    believe this cover has been copied with an attempt to either omit the black border
    from the previous cover, or the makers of this cover were not able to include all of the
    black border. There may be 2 tracks mixed in from the December 6th Capitol Center
    as well. (I believe the last 2 tracks). The sound quality varies on many of these
    shows. Allegedly a Soundboard recording, many recordings contain noticeable aud-
    ience chatter and for a board recording, some of these leave a fair amount to be de-
    sired. Excellent sound of these recordings of this show appear to be Tales From
    The Who
    (CD) (Super Sonic SS 200021)
    . Compare with the titles listed

        Side 1

     1. Can't Explain
     2. Summertime Blues
     3. My Generation
     4. I Am The Sea
     5. The Real Me

        Side 2

     1. I'm One
     2. Sea And Sand
     3. Drowned

        Side 3

     1. Bell Boy
     2. Dr. Jimmy
     3. I Am The Sea (sic Sea And Sand)

        Side 4

     1. Won't Get Fooled Again
     2. Pinball Wizard
     3. See Me, Feel Me

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