Tommy Live At The Rainbow

    Tommy Live At The Rainbow   Tommy Live At The Rainbow (Back Cover)   Tommy Live At The Rainbow (Back Enlarged)

    Label / Index #
    The Amazing Kornyphone Record Label TAKRL 2956

    Compare with;
    Roger Daltrey: Orchestral Tommy 1973 (CD) (Party Line PLCD 001)

    Rainbow Theater, Finsbury Park, North London, UK, Saturday, December 9,

    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: Lou Reizners stage production of Tommy featuring the London Sym-
    phony Orchestra
    . There is very a strong suspicion that the Roger Daltrey CD listed
    above is a copy of this show as the songs on the CD fade out at the same place as
    on the LP. This version featured David Essex, Marsha Hunt, Elkie Brooks, Roger
    , Graham Bell, Bill Oddie, Merry Clayton, Vivian Stanshall, Roy Wood and
    John Pertwee. There was another stage version of Tommy, also performed at the
    Rainbow Theater on December 9, 1972 which was later broadcast on British radio on
    December 26, 1972
    featuring Rod Stewart, Keith Moon, Roger Daltrey, Pete Towns
    , John Entwistle, Ringo Starr, Peter Sellers, Steve Winwood and Maggie Bell,
    among others.

    Side 1

     1. Overture
     2. It's A Boy
     3. 1921
     4. Amazing Journey
     5. Sparks
     6. Eyesight To The Blind
     7. Christmas

        Side 2

     1. Cousin Kevin
     2. The Acid Queen
     3. Underture
     4. Do You Think It's Alright?
     5. Fiddle About
     6. Pinball Wizard

        Side 3

     1. There's A Doctor I've Found (sic There's A Doctor)
     2. Go To The Mirror Boy (sic Go To The Mirror)
     3. Tommy Can You Hear Me
     4. Smash The Mirror
     5. I'm Free
     6. Miracle Cure
     7. Sensation

        Side 4

     1. Sally Simpson
     2. Welcome
     3. Tommy's Holiday Camp
     4. We're Not Gonna Take It

Thanks to "Silas Stingy" and Grogo from Germany for the cover to this LP.

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