Tour of Germany (1979)

    Tour of Germany

    Label / Index #
    Creative Artistry

    Compare With;
    The Keith Moon Memory Concert (LP) (WHITE KNIGHT WK273)
    The Who (LP) (FD 59140-2)

    Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York City, USA, Sunday, September 16, 1979
    Recording: Soundboard (presumed)
    Comments: This appears to be a single LP with bogus track titles listed on the center
    hole cover
    ...”... this is a strange one. Looks to me like one of the LP's from the "Crea-
    tive Artistry
    " sure looks like one of those LP's. Also the 1979 time frame fits so
    I think this one may have been an effort to sell off extra copies of this LP that were left
    over from making the 3LP sets????” It is presumed at this time that the track list is
    similar if not identical to The Who (LP) (FD 59140-2). (unfortunately the owner of the
    LP does not own a turntable anymore, ergo, an accurate track listing is lacking.
    (HEY!!! HEY!!! Don’t use this record for a frisbee!!!).

        Side 1

     1. Substitute
     2. Can't Explain
     3. Baba O'Reilly (sic Baba O'Riley)
     4. Punk And The Godfather
     5. Boris The Spider
     6. Sister Disco

        Side 2

     1. Behind Blue Eyes
     2. Music Must Change
     3. Drowned

        Side 3

     1. Who Are You
     2. 5:15
     3. Pinball Wizard
     4. See Me, Feel Me

        Side 4

     1. Long Live Rock
     2. My Generation
     3. Dreaming From The Waist
     4. Dance Away (sic Dance It Away)
     5. Magic Bus

        Side 5

     1. Won't Get Fooled Again
     2. Trick Of The Light

        Side 6

     1. Shakin' All Over
     2. Big Boss Man

Thanks to “Nanook of the North” for the information to this LP.

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