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    Who's Who

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    Rockpalast (LP) (STARLIGHT RECORDS SL 87003)
    Save (LP) (WFFCE3)
    You Are Who-The Who (LP) (VR 8.-36.C)
    You Are Who-The Who (LP) (Ganesha Records)

    Live In Essen - Part One (CD) (WPCD 1032, Golden Stars On The Road)
    Live In Essen - Part Two (CD) (WPCD 1072, Golden Stars On The Road)

    Grugahalle, Essen, West Germany, Saturday, March 28, 1981
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: This LP come in a green gatefold wraparound cover, the labels are
    yellow and this does not contain the entire show. Some questions may exist as to
    whether this is indeed from "Rockpalast" / Essen as there is no identifier on the
    cover or LP. However, when comparing the tracks from this performance side-by-side
    with Rockpalast, it appears they are identical. It is doubtful that this is from Frejus
    according to the reference made on the cover regarding “Ten Thousand French Who

        Side 1

     1. Substitute
     2. Can't Explain
     3. Baba O'Riley
     4. The Quiet One
     5. Old Coat (sic Don't Let Go The Coat)

        Side 2

     1. Sister Disco
     2. You Better You Bet
     3. Drowned
     4. Behind Blue Eyes

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