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I used to talk to Kit about Pop Art a lot and suddenly he came out with this idea. He told us: 'Keith is going to have a bullseye on his T -shirt, Pete is going to wear badges' – all these were his ideas. At the beginning it took a lot of guts to wear them.

— Pete Townshend

Melody Maker - March 1966

Today in the Who's History


The High Numbers perform at The Mine at Carpenders Park Station


Keith is interviewed about the new album in New Musical Express. The article is called “Drummer Moon on zither, double track Who lp.”


The Who play The Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen, Scottland.


The Who fly to Bremen, Germany where they mime to “Magic Bus” for Beat Club. Part of their performance is included in The Kids Are Alright. Before the taping, Pete and Keith “mention the war” by imitating Nazis.


The Who play in Manchester


Roger picks his favorite dozen songs on BBC Radio 1's My Top 12.


John is interviewed at Ramport Studios for the second of a four-part interview program with The Who for BBC Radio 1.


The Who play in Manchester


The Who play in San Diego


The Who play Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky


The Who play in Louisville


The Who bring their 25th Anniversary extravaganza to England for the second of four performances at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham


The Who play in Birmingham


Roger and John perform “Daltrey Sings Townsend” at the Concord Pavilion in Concord, California


The Who play in New York


The John Entwistle Band's Left For Live is released in the U.K. re-mastered by Eastworld Records.
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