What a Waste

What a Waste
I have this recurring dream. The scene changes every now and then, but basically the plot remains the same: I'm on stage at some big festival, introducing the cast of Quadrophenia - and I say something like:

"Ladies and gentlemen, he could have been a welder's mate. But thank God he stayed with the music, and became Mister Roger Daltrey." Thunderous applause follows as all the Daltrey look-alikes punch bare fisted knuckles in the air. Fine for him, Roger.

Next I say, "He could have become Number One trumpet in the South Middlesex Boys Brigade. He could have become your friendly, local tax inspector. Thank God, he stayed with the music, and became Mister John Entwistle!" Deafening applause all around as the crowd chant, "Ox! Ox! Ox!"

Then, I turn rather sheepishly to my hero and say: "He could have been a bus conductor. He could have been a graphic artist. But, thank God, he became Gustav Metzke's star pupil." The crowd goes quiet. Everyone's confused. Gustav Metzke was the influence that led Pete to destroying his guitars. Metzke put auto-destruction into Pete's head at an Ealing Art College lecture. "Collapsing Forms Reviewed as a Visual Art Force."

Gustav Metzke became a secret password of mine for a time because loads of people never heard of him.

© Irish Jack Lyons

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