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Presents Liner Notes to the albums of The Who

Adapted from the liner notes from the reissued CD's

With additions and corrections by Brian Cady

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Out In The Street, I Don't Mind, The Good's Gone, La La La Lies, Much Too Much, My Generation (stereo version), The Kids Are Alright, Please Please Please, It's Not True, I'm A Man, A Legal Matter (stereo version), The Ox, Circles (Shel Talmy version), I Can't Explain (stereo version), Bald Headed Woman, Daddy Rolling Stone, Leaving Here (2nd stereo version), Lubie (Come Back Home), Shout And Shimmy, Heatwave (Shel Talmy version), Motoring, Anytime You Want Me, Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (alternate vocal), Instant Party Mixture, I Don't Mind (extended version), The Good's Gone (extended version), My Generation (instrumental version), Anytime You Want Me (vocals only), A Legal Matter, My Generation

Run Run Run, Boris The Spider, I Need You, Whiskey Man, Heatwave, Cobwebs and Strange, Don't Look Away, See My Way, So Sad About Us, A Quick One While He's Away, Batman, Bucket T, Barbara Ann, Disguises, Doctor Doctor, I've Been Away, In The City, Happy Jack (acoustic version), Man With Money, My Generation/Land Of Hope And Glory 

Armenia City In The Sky, Heinz Baked Beans, Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand, Odorono, Tattoo, Our Love Was, I Can See For Miles, I Can't Reach You, Medac, Relax, Silas Stingy, Sunrise, Rael 1 & 2, Glittering Girl, Melancholia, Someone's Coming, Jaguar, Early Morning Cold Taxi, Hall Of The Mountain King, Girl's Eyes, Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (alternate version), Glow Girl 

Overture, It's A Boy, 1921, Amazing Journey, Sparks, Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker), Christmas, Cousin Kevin, The Acid Queen, Underture, Do You Think It's Alright, Fiddle About, Pinball Wizard, There's A Doctor, Go To The Mirror Boy, Tommy Can You Hear Me, Smash The Mirror, Sensation, Miracle Cure, Sally Simpson, I'm Free, Welcome, Tommy's Holiday Camp, We're Not Gonna Take It, See Me Feel Me, I Was, Christmas (out-take 3), Cousin Kevin Model Child, Young Man Blues (version 1), Tommy Can You Hear Me? (alternate version), Trying To Get Through, Sally Simpson (out-takes), Miss Simpson, Welcome (take 2), Tommy's Holiday Camp (band's version), We're Not Gonna Take It (alternate version), Dogs Part Two, It's A Boy (Pete's demo version), Amazing Journey (Pete's demo version), Christmas (Pete's demo version), Do You Think It's Alright? (Pete's demo version), Pinball Wizard (Pete's demo version)

Young Man Blues, Substitute, Summertime Blues, Shaking All Over, My Generation, Magic Bus, Heaven and Hell, I Can't Explain, Fortune Teller, Tattoo, Happy Jack, I'm A Boy, A Quick One While He's Away, Amazing Journey/Sparks 

Baba O'Riley, Bargain, Love Ain't For Keeping, My Wife, Song Is Over, Gettin' In Tune, Goin' Mobile, Behind Blue Eyes, Won't Get Fooled Again, Pure And Easy (New York studio version), Baby Don't You Do It (New York studio version), Naked Eye (Young Vic), Water (Young Vic), Too Much Of Anything (1971 mix), I Don't Even Know Myself (1971 mix), Behind Blue Eyes (New York studio version), Gettin' In Tune (New York studio version), Love Ain't For Keeping (New York studio version), Won't Get Fooled Again (New York studio version), Love Ain't For Keeping (Young Vic), Pure And Easy (Young Vic), Young Man Blues (Young Vic), Time Is Passing (Young Vic), Behind Blue Eyes (Young Vic), I Don't Even Know Myself (Young Vic), Too Much Of Anything (Young Vic), Gettin' In Tune (Young Vic), Bargain (Young Vic), My Generation (Young Vic), Road Runner (Young Vic), Won't Get Fooled Again (Young Vic)

I Can't Explain, The Kids Are Alright, Happy Jack, I Can See For Miles, Pictures Of Lily, My Generation, The Seeker, Anyway Anyhow Anywhere, Pinball Wizard, A Legal Matter, Boris The Spider, The Magic Bus, Substitute, I'm A Boy (alternate version), The Last Time, Call Me Lightning, Dogs, Let's See Action, Join Together, Relay 

I Am The Sea, The Real Me, Quadrophenia, Cut My Hair, The Punk And The Godfather, I'm One, The Dirty Jobs, Helpless Dancer, Is It In My Head, I've Had Enough, 5:15, Sea and Sand, Drowned, Bell Boy, Dr. Jimmy, The Rock, Love Reign O'er Me 

Postcard, Now I'm A Farmer, Put The Money Down, Little Billy, Too Much Of Anything, Glow Girl, Pure And Easy, Faith in Something Bigger, I'm The Face, Naked Eye, Long Live Rock, Leaving Here, Baby Don't You Do It, Under My Thumb, Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (U.S. single version), Summertime Blues (studio), My Way, Young Man Blues (studio alternate), Cousin Kevin Model Child, Water, Love Ain't For Keeping (New York studio version), Time Is Passing, We Close Tonight

Slip Kid, However Much I Booze, Squeeze Box, Dreaming From The Waist, Imagine a Man, Success Story, They Are All In Love, Blue Red and Grey, How Many Friends, In a Hand Or a Face, Squeeze Box (live), Behind Blue Eyes (live), Dreaming From The Waist (live)

New Song, Had Enough, 905, Sister Disco, Music Must Change, Trick Of The Light, Guitar and Pen, Love Is Coming Down, Who Are You, No Road Romance, Empty Glass, Guitar and Pen (Olympic '78 Mix), Love Is Coming Down (Work-In-Progress Mix), Who Are You (Lost Verse Mix)

My Generation (Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour), I Can't Explain (Shindig), Baba O'Riley (Shepperton), Shout and Shimmy (Richmond Jazz and Blues Festival), Young Man Blues (Coliseum), Tommy Can You Hear Me (Beat Club), Pinball Wizard (Woodstock), See Me Feel Me (Woodstock), My Generation Conclusion (Woodstock), Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (Ready Steady Go!), Success Story, Singles Medley (Substitute/Pictures Of Lily/Magic Bus), Happy Jack, A Quick One (Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus), Cobwebs and Strange, Sparks (Woodstock), Barbara Ann (Shepperton Rehearsal), Roadrunner/My Generation Blues (Pontiac Silverdome), Who Are You, My Generation (Monterey Pop), Won't Get Fooled Again (Shepperton), Long Live Rock, I Can See For Miles, My Wife (Kilburn)

You Better You Bet, Don't Let Go The Coat, Cache Cache, The Quiet One, Did You Steal My Money, How Can You Do It Alone, Daily Records, Another Tricky Day, I Like Nightmares, It's In You, Somebody Saved Me, How Can You Do It Alone (Live), The Quiet One (Live)

Athena, It's Your Turn, Cooks County, It's Hard, Dangerous, Eminence Front, I've Known No War, One Life's Enough, One At A Time, Why Did I Fall For That, A Man Is A Man, Cry If You Want, It's Hard (live), Eminence Front (live), Dangerous (live), Cry If You Want (live)

Songs discussed are:
Here 'Tis, Zoot Suit, Leaving Here, Happy Jack Jingle, Happy Jack (alternate), A Quick One While He's Away (composite), Fortune Teller, Abbie Hoffman Incident, Underture (Sparks from Woodstock), See Me Feel Me (composite), Heaven and Hell, Bargain (San Francisco 1971), Bony Maronie, The Real Me (Kenney Jones version), Life With The Moons, My Wife (Swansea 1976), Music Must Change (original version), Twist and Shout (Toronto CNE 1982), I'm A Man (Radio City Music Hall 1989), Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

My Generation (Radio 1 Jingle), Anyway Anyhow Anywhere, Good Lovin', Just You and Me Darling, Leaving Here, My Generation, The Good's Gone, La La La Lies, Substitute, Man With Money, Dancing In The Street, Disguises, I'm A Boy, Run Run Run, Boris The Spider, Happy Jack, See My Way, Pictures Of Lily, A Quick One While He's Away, Substitute (version 2), The Seeker, I'm Free, Shakin' All Over/Spoonful, Relay, Long Live Rock, Boris The Spider (Radio 1 Jingle), Pete Townshend Interview - Townshend Talks Tommy, Pinball Wizard, See Me Feel Me, I Don't Even Know Myself, I Can See For Miles, Heaven and Hell, The Seeker (2), Summertime Blues

Fragments, A Man in a Purple Dress, Mike Post Theme, In The Ether, Black Widow's Eyes, Two Thousand Years, God Speaks of Marty Robbins, It's Not Enough, You Stand By Me, Sound Round, Pick Up The Peace, Unholy Trinity, Trilby's Piano, Endless Wire, Fragments of Fragments, We Got A Hit, They Made My Dream Come True, Mirror Door, Tea and Theatre, We Got a Hit (Extended Version), Endless Wire (Extended Version), Wire & Glass (Six Songs from a Mini-opera)

Circles (2nd version), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Here For More, When I Was A Boy, Wasp Man, Bernie's Holiday Camp, Fiddle About, Sparks, Champagne, Listening To You/See Me, Feel Me, Get Out And Stay Out, Four Faces, Joker James, Dig, Fire, Real Good Looking Boy, Old Red Wine

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