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Bill's Pete Townshend Pages › Lifehouse Demos CD4

CD4-Lifehouse Arrangements & Orchestrations

Webmaster note: the spoken word/lyrics are bookmarked 

Track Listing CD Four:

1.Townshend: One Note-Prolouge
2. Purcell: Fantasia Upon One Note [Quick Movment]
3. Townshend: Baba O'Riley
4. Scarlatti: Sonata K:212
5.Townshend: Tragedy
6. Corette: No. 4 Aria
7. Corette: No. 2 Giga
8. Corette No. 6 In D Minor
9. Corette: No. 3 Adagio and Allegro
10. Townshend: Hinterland Rag
11. Scarlatti: Sonata K:213

Purcell: The Gordion Knot Untied
12.- Overture
13.- Allegro
14.- Air
15.- Rondeau Minuet
16.- Air
18.- Chaconne
19.- Air
20.- Minuet
21.- Overture [Reprise]

22. Townshend: Tragedy Explained
23. Townshend: One Note-Epilogue
24. Purcell: Fantasia Upon One Note

Tracks 1 & 23 performed and produced by
Pete Townshend and featuring Phillip Dowling.

Tracks 4, 5, and 11 orchestrated by Rachel Fuller
Tracks 3, 10 and 22 orchestrated by Sara Loewenthal

All recordings feature The London Chamber Orchestra:
Conductor- Harry Rabinowitz O.B.E
Organist- Leslie Pearson
Orchestral Contractor- Step Parkian

Producer for Angelic Ceilings- Billy Nicholls
Sessions edited and co-ordinated by Phil Rowlands

Recording Engineer- Keith Grant

Mastered by Jon Astley

One Note recorded at Eel Pie. Hinterland Rag and
Scarlatti's K:1212 & K:213 recorded at Air Studios,
Lyndhurst Hall, London. All other tracks recorded at
St. Giles Church, Cripplegate, London.

Published by Fabulous Music Ltd and Eel Pie Publishing Ltd.

One Note - Prologue

(Little Boy)
One note, sounds like a light ray
One note, sounds like a new day
One note, holds all the others, millions of colors
So one note is best!

The last war finally ended with a huge explosion in Japan.
Some of the liberated prisoners of war from Berma
brought home souvenirs, like Shamisen.,
 little banjos with lizard skin resonators.
That terrible bond
All those perfect Japanese gardens
Timber houses with paper walls
Consumed in the monumental roar of darkness
All those one stringed musical instruments burning black
Those delicate single notes bended.

But there is peace there of course
 In the end all those in pain died quietly in the gentle arms of the shadow
And as ever, the sun rises.

One Note- Epilogue

(Little Boy)
One note, sounds like a light ray
One note, sounds like a new day
One note, holds all the others, millions of colors
So one note is best!

One note is two in an echo
Two notes of a million reflections
A million, is all of the rest
The sound of a dream
A poem and a scream
So one note is best

WDK 2008

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