It's a Legal Matter, Baby

Here's the fun part....
I do not own the copyrights to any of these pictures, nor do I claim to. They were all scanned by me and others from various sources to put here for all to enjoy. A big thank you to Carrie, Lorelei, Eyre, Vinnie, and Brooke for their contributions!

For those of you interested in that sort of's a majority of the sources I got the pictures from.

The Who: Maximum R&B
Richard Barnes

The Who Concert File
Joe McMichael & 'Irish' Jack Lyons

Before I Get Old: The Story of the Who
Dave Marsh

Behind Blue Eyes: The Life of Pete Townshend
Geoffrey Giulano

Moon : The Life and Death of a Rock Legend
Tony Fletcher

Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy : The Who
John Perry

A Fortnight of Furore: The Who and the Small Faces Down Under
Andrew Neill

Rolling Stone magazine

The Who In Their Own Words
Compiled by Steve Clarke

Teenage Wasteland: The Early Who
Chris Welch

The Who : An Illustrated Biography
Chris Charlesworth

The Who's Tommy: The Musical

A Decade of The Who
Ted Dicks

For the books that don't have links to buy you may want to try Ebay or Advanced Book Exchange.

Also, a few pictures were "borrowed" from websites. If you see something you think belongs to you email me. I'll either take the picture down or add a link to your page at your request.

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