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Interview with Keith in Go magazine, 1967

Keith Moon to take $5000 op art drum kit on Who tour

Scan of article from Go magazine, 1967, courtesy Martin Forsbom.

Go article, courtesy Martin Forsbom.

“I’ve brought my new fab $5000 drum kit with me for the Herman tour,” said Who drummer Keith Moon.

“It took six months to do the whole job and five people worked on the kit. Each drum has designs on it and they all light up under black light.

“Of course, there’s a picture of Lily and also an op art design that says, ‘Keith Moon’s Patent – Britain’s exploding drummer’. I’m very excited with the way it turned out.”

Keith, who does press-ups to keep in shape as one of the most powerful drummers around, used to smash up his drum kit on stage.

“I’m afraid those days are gone forever,” he said. “The designs and the ultra-violet sensitive paint are covered with heavy clear plastic, but I still have to be careful.”

Everyone who sees the drum kit says it is beautiful but no one as yet been able to describe exactly what it looks like!

When asked, Keith said: “No, I can’t descibe it either. It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do.

You have to see it in person. I’m not sure I could tell anybody exactly what it looks like.”

The rest of the Who are delighted with the end result and plan to decorate their guitars in the same fashion.


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