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Pete’s Gear: 1971 Martin D-35 acoustic guitar

1971 Martin D-35 (sn 281698)

1971 Martin D-35 (sn 281698), pictured in Locust Valley, Long Island, New York, on 1 August 1971.

A Martin D-35 acoustic guitar, serial no. 281698. Purchased from Manny’s on 31 July or 1 August 1971. Sold by Wiggy Wolff, the Who’s production manager, in October 1996 to a private collector.

According to, the serial number 281698 was made in 1971, which tallies with the account given by John “Wiggy” Wolfe, production manager for The Who.

According to Wiggy Wolff, this guitar was used to write some songs during the 1971 tour. From the letter by Wiggy included with the instrument:

...we both returned to Manny’s to stock up for the rest of the current tour, it was on this visit that Henry Manny himself, knowing of our love of the Martin sound, showed us a D35 which he said was better than all of the others that he had had recently, and easily comparable to the more expensive D45 that he had in stock.... Pete used it to write some some songs during the tour, but don’t ask me which ones.

The Martin D-35 features rosewood back and sides, three-piece back with marquetry between sections, ebony bridge, bound ebony fingerboard, dot inlays, volute on neck.

Serial number

Serial number in soundhole of the Martin 35.

Martin D-35

The Martin D-35.

Peter Prowse with the the Martin D-35.

Peter Prowse with the the Martin D-35.


  • All information and contemporary photos courtesy and thanks to Peter Prowse

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