1969 Winter Time Trip

    1969 Winter Time Trip

    Label / Index #
    Dandelion DL 112

    Compare with:
    Eternal Mods (CD) (Hiwatt NR 1169)
    Higher Education (CD) (Tendolar TDR-127)
    Live Vol. 1 (CD) (Joker Productions JOK-041-A)

    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: The impression gained from the information submitted is that this is a
    European CD as it was procured in both the UK and Holland and appears to be a
    copy of two CD's listed CD's listed above.

    Tracks 1-13: McDonough Gymnasium, Georgetown University, Washington DC,
    USA, Sunday, November 2, 1969

    Tracks: 14-18:
    City Hall, Hull, UK, Sunday, February 15, 1970
    Track 19:
    Pete Townshend song written for the broadway / stage production of
    Tommy. This was included in the Tommy book for the stage production on a solid
    disc (not flexi disc).

    1. Overture
    2. It's A Boy
    3. 1921
    4. Amazing Journey / Sparks
    5. Eyesight To The Blind
    6. Heaven And Hell
    7. Can't Explain
    8. Fortune Teller
    9. Tattoo
    10. Summertime Blues
    11. Shakin' All Over
    12. My Generation
    13. See Me, Feel Me
    14. Heaven And Hell
    15. Can't Explain
    16. Fortune Teller
    17. Tattoo
    18. Young Man Blues
    19. I Believe In My Own Eyes

Thanks to "Paul" from the UK, Focco Bijlsma and Lars from the Netherlands for the info and cover to this CD.